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Dates and Details

The Normandy Experience - Summer Program

Summer 2022 Dates: June 25th - July 21st, 2022

Ages: 14-18

Cost: $7,495 USD (not inclusive of airfare)


  • Live in an 18th century chateau in the heart of Normandy

  • Be immersed in French history and culture

  • Engage with French people in the local community

  • Develop your leadership skills

  • Meet like-minded students from around the world

  • Discover new creative outlets

  • Optional French language learning

Program Overview

Spend your summer living in an 18th century chateau and immersing yourself in French history and culture. The Normandy Experience Summer Program offers a blend of cultural and community experiences, leadership skills development and outdoor learning led by historians, artists and outdoor educators.  Engage hands-on with the beauty and history of Normandy as you learn about living the Norman way. The program is taught entirely in English with optional French language learning.

Chateau le Mont Epinguet

Our Residence

A world frozen in time, Chateau le Mont Epinguet offers an opportunity to live surrounded by history. Built in 1751 by Count Mondesir, the château is the highest landmark on the Normandy Cotentin Peninsula. It has housed a nephew of the Pope, a French Admiral and served as German communication headquarters in WWII.  It stood empty for many years until it was bought by the Berridge family in 1991 and brought back to life. We have excluisve use of the whole property with a live-in chef.  Read more about the château. 


Cultural Engagement, Compassionate Leadership,  and Creative Expression are the foundations of our Summer Program curriculum. These foundations are designed to help students engage more fully with the culture and people of France and facilitate a meaningful, fun experience.  The program is designed for students of all subject interests including History, Politics, Architecture, Anthropology, Literature and the Arts and takes a hands-on, student-centered approaches to bringing these subjects to life.

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Creative Expression

Enhance your experience of Normandy by engaging with your surroundings through a variety of creative mediums. Build communication skills and right-brain thinking through a variety of Writing, Art and Craft workshops. The group collaborates on a Digital Filmmaking project as a team building and leadership skills development. 

Highlights include:

  • Learn Digital Independent Filmmaking 

  • Painting and craft workshops with local artists

  • Workshops in Digital Photography and Travel writing

  • Internship opportunities in Social Media Management, Writing, Photography and Videography

  • Mentoring for personal creative projects in Writing, Art, Photography, Film and Performance

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French Language Learning

For those interested in learning or advancing French Language skills, the program offers optional French language classes three times per week. The Language Program aims to improve conversational French, reading comprehension and writing skills through practical application and daily practice. With very little English spoken in Normandy, there will be plenty of opportunity to use and perfect your French through interaction with the local community, on field trips and through the French-only speaking lounge at the château.


Cultural Engagement

Cultural Engagement is more than just seeing, it involves learning by engaging with the landscape, history and people of the Normandy region through hands-on doing. Trips and excursions are active and participatory and offer opportunities to build skills, develop leadership qualities and expand cross-cultural competency.  

Highlights include:

  • Pilgrimage to Mont St Michel, a 900-year-old monastery on a tidal island

  • Touring the D-Day Landing beaches with a WWII historian

  • Discovering medieval Bayeux and the story of the Normandy Conquest

  • Hiking the coastal headlands of the Nez du Jobourg

  • Milling flour and making bread at a 16th century windmill

  • Kayaking across the marshlands of the Marais

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Compassionate Leadership

Learn how to be a more empathetic leader by honing your listening skills, cultivating patience and fostering positivity in a team environment. Compassionate Leadership blends team building, deep listening and role-play exercises delivered through workshop modules, outdoor experiences and student-led activities. 

Highlights include:

  • Narativ UK Workshop developing deep listening skills through personal storytelling

  • Workshop in leadership differences and discovering your personal leadership style

  • Outdoor learning experiences including hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming and surf lessons

  • Opportunities to reflect on progress with your faculty mentor


For lovers of History, Politics, Architecture, Anthropology and Art, Normandy is a dream destination. Civilized by the Romans, conquered by the Vikings and occupied by the Germans in WWII, Normandy has over two-thousand years of history to discover.  Engage with all this stunning region has to offer through guided tours and unique hands-on experiences led by historians, artists and local experts. 


From rugged coastal trails to ancient forests, Normandy is a nature lovers paradise. The French consider The Cotentin Peninsula, one of the top destinations to get outside and get away from it all.  You’ll be immersed in the landscape of Normandy through outdoor experiences led by expert, qualified guides. Hike, bike, swim, sail, surf and camp your way around the Normandy Peninsula!


Gastronomy is an art in France and Normandy is an agricultural region where food is at the centre of life. Dairy, Produce and Seafood are abundant here and a traditional French market can be found every day of the week. You’ll learn all about the French way of  cooking, eating and enjoying food and have gastronomic experiences from artisanal bread making to digging your own seafood right out of the sand.

Who is this program for?

This program is for any student interested in living in France and being immersed in French history and culture.  We welcome students of all interests and the program encompasses a wide range of subjects including History, European Civilizations, Architecture, Literature, Art History, Politics and the Arts. 

Consider this program if you would like to:

  • live in a beautiful, rural part of France and have an insiders experience of French life

  • advance or jumpstart your French language skills

  • access more creativity and develop right brain thinking

  • enjoy spending time outdoors

  • want to build practical life skills in a supportive environment


Do I need to speak French?

Our program is taught entirely in English with optional French language learning

What if I have a lot of French?

Great! You'll have plenty of immersion opportunities and advanced French language classes if you wish

Do I need to be creative?

You do not need to classify yourself as an artist, just bring an open mind and willingness to participate

Do I need to be outdoorsy?

You do not need to be a mountaineer but you should enjoy spending time outdoors and be willing to challenge yourself and participate.