Our team


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Andrea has been working in education for over 20 years. She is the former Executive Director of Oxbridge Programs and the Founder and Director of Berridge Programs. She has designed and operated successful enrichment programs for thousands of students around the world. She was a Speech and Drama teacher in the UK for 9 years and is a meditation practitioner and teacher. 



Chris is a designer, photographer and avid outdoorsman. He is the former Global Marketing Manager for Patagonia and currently a freelance Creative Director for Floodtide. He has 11 years of classroom and outdoor teaching experience and is an experienced climber, fly-fisherman, hunter and ultra marathon runner.


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Katie is a writer, artist, filmmaker and qualified yoga teacher based in Los Angeles, CA. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and worked on summer enrichment programs for over 7 years wearing many hats including program assistant, chef, film assistant, book-keeping, planning and admissions. 



Diarmaid is an actor and avid canal boater in London, England. He is the former Company Manager for Rutgers University Mason Gross School for the Arts program at The Globe Theatre in London. He has planned and delivered college-level study abroad programs for over 5 years providing program planning and pastoral care for hundreds of students. 

The Normandy Experience and Berridge Programs - What's the Connection?

Our team has been offering enrichment in Normandy since 2008 with Berridge Programs. We created The Normandy Experience as a sister organization to widen our mission to share this beautiful part of the world with more young people.  Our team are passionate educators, artists, and outdoor enthusiasts who contribute to both programs. Get to know us here and also on the Berridge Programs website. Get in touch with Director Andrea Mardon at info@thenormandyx.com to be connected with alumni who can speak first-hand about their experience of our programs.


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Mark and Fiona Berridge are the current owners of Chateau le Mont Epinguet. Mark is a trained chef and Fiona is a former nurse who bought the abandoned chateau in 1991 and brought it back to life.  When not hosting our programs, they operate the chateau as a successful wedding venue and Bed and Breakfast.


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Simon is an educator, Shakespearean actor and photographer based in London, England. He teaches Communication Skills at University College London to graduate medical students.  Simon is an expert in the Original Shakespeare Company cue-script technique and trains students worldwide in this unique approach to performance. 



James is a chef and Normandy local who has lived on the peninsula for over 30 years. He trained at the world-renowned Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and has operated a successful catering business and Chambres d'hôtes in Normandy with his wife Pascal. His specialties are seafood, sauces and eating the well the "French way"".